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Prestan CPR Manikins With Rate and Depth Monitoring

MedChannel offers the entire Prestan range of CPR Manikins and accessories for professional educators Australia wide, with Prestan and multiple other manikin ranges available to suit all training needs, preferences and budgets.

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Immediate Feedback From Your Students
Prestan's revolutionary electronic rate monitor ensures students are aware of their rate of compression at all times. Lights change to indicate whether the student is pressing too slow or within the correct range. All that's required is 2 AA batteries lasting for thousands of compressions. No buttons, no remotes, no cables required. Coupled with the built in depth clicker, the Prestan CPR manikin offers students and trainers simple, easy to follow feedback in training.

Consumables Made Easy
The Prestan airway system is simple, hygienic and cost effective. All you need to do is lift the hinged chest plate at the start of the session and install one lung bag which sits firmly in the chest cavity and is clipped onto the head to stop movement. Each student is provided with a Prestan Face Shield hygiene barrier which clips on to reduce movement. There's no need to dismantle the manikin or remove face / head pieces.

New Skin Technology   
Cleaning is made easy with simple wipe down skins.  Less residue from AED pads is held by the new skin technology and the clip on face shields help keep the manikin faces cleaner.

Made For The Mobile Trainer
Prestan manikins come standard with carry bags for  singles or 4 packs.   The 4 Pack of adults weighs under 12kg making it lightweight enough for all trainers.  By removing the heads, the 4 pack bags are further reduced in size making storage and transport easier.

Available in Adult, Child & Infant Sizes. All Sizes available in Singles and 4 Packs.
Mix and match the range to cover all your CPR training needs.  Ask us about bulk pricing when stocking Prestans for your entire organisation today.

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